Purchase to Pay


Welcome to the supplier support page for Knight Square’s Purchase to Pay (P2P) system, powered by Coupa. This page will provide you with all of the necessary training materials, guides and FAQs that you will need to use the new system and processes. Please note that we are currently in the process of rebranding with Knight Square being the new name for the Peverel Group. As such we are working through a period of transition which will mean that some of the training documentation as well as the system itself may reference Peverel.

Our new P2P system and processes will make the Knight Square group of companies , as customers, much easier to work with.

The following are just some of the benefits that you, as one of our suppliers, will enjoy:

  • All of your orders will be received electronically
  • The ability to invoice us electronically, by turning the purchase order into an invoice (PO flip)
  • The ability to be able to view when invoices have been approved for payment
  • A very transparent and seamless P2P process which will help you better financially manage your business

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Do I have to pay for the CSN?
No, the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN) is free to use for suppliers
What is the benefit to me?
  • Submit your invoices electronically in order to ensure your invoice is paid on-time and promptly
  • See invoice payment details and status in the CSN to save having to call
  • Reduce paper invoices
  • All invoice and PO details in one place
How do I send an electronic invoice?
In the CSN, click on the Peverel tab > Purchase Orders and click the coins icon. Once the necessary details have been added, submit the invoice and this will automatically be sent to Knight Square. The invoice will then appear in the Invoices tab along with status
What if I forget my password?
Entering the wrong details will prompt a log-in error and a link will be shown for you to enter your email address to receive an email with a new password link
Will anything change for my business as a result of using the CSN?
Only in that Purchase Orders will now come electronically and Invoices will be able to be sent electronically saving time having to manually create invoices