Communicating With You

Our statement of principles for accurate, transparent and respectful conversation

In 2012, we launched our Charters. At the heart of our Charters is our commitment to providing the very best service to our customers through openness and transparency, as well as ensuring that we are easy to deal with.

A key part of achieving our commitments is through improving the way we communicate. As well as working with our staff to deliver this, we believe that the greatest success will come from working with and listening to you. In doing so, we expect that our staff are treated with respect in the roles they perform.

What you can expect from us

We are committed to the highest levels of customer service across all of our business operations as well as in our communications with you. We will:

  • Be open and transparent in all our communications
    We will always seek to communicate as much relevant information as we can to our customers and wider stakeholders. This includes putting more information on our websites and adopting new ways of communicating with all of our external audiences.
  • Seek to ensure all publicly-available information is correct
    Knight Square’s businesses centre on our customers’ homes. It is therefore important to us that our customers are not concerned by inaccurate information or public speculation. We will always endeavour to ensure that information released by us is accurate, but if we ever make a mistake, we will promptly seek to correct it. If the information has come from elsewhere, and is causing our customers concern, we will seek to put it right.
  • Seek to ensure that our staff only communicate through official Knight Square channels when speaking for the group
    It is important for you to know that the information you receive from us is accurate, trustworthy and truthful. We would always encourage anyone who is interested to know more about us and our services to contact us directly. All official Knight Square communications will only come through our official channels or spokespeople.
  • Identify whether a subject matter is sensitive and make sure our communications are appropriate
    We recognise that some areas in which we operate can often be personal to you. We will always seek to identify when an issue may be sensitive, and communicate with you in an appropriate way.

What we expect from you

Our staff are right at the heart of the services we deliver. We have a responsibility to support our staff to nsure that they are able to perform their roles in an environment that is free from abuse. We therefore expect that:

  • Our staff are treated with respect
    We will operate a zero tolerance policy on the bullying of any member of staff, including threatening behaviour, personal attacks or the use of unacceptable language. If any of these instances do occur, we will take appropriate action.
  • Our staff are able to operate without fear of impersonation
    We will always act to deal with anyone who misleadingly claims to represent Knight Square, or any of our businesses.
  • Our staff are able to work in a safe environment
    We recognise that our staff are at the frontline of delivering our services. We will always work with our staff to protect them against unfounded allegations, defamatory remarks and improper use of personal information.
    Where appropriate, we will take action in instances of distress being caused to any member of our staff.
  • Public comments about Knight Square are accurate
    We are a customer service-led business and we therefore respect our customers’ right to freely express opinions about our service. If you do write about us in a public forum, we would simply ask that what you write is accurate.