Welcome to our charter

Welcome to
our Charter

Janet Entwistle, CEO

Welcome to our Charter

It is now two years since we launched our Charter to ensure that our customers are always at the heart of the business.

Our Charter makes five promises that we aspire to deliver consistently, across all of our businesses, based on what our customers have told us is most important to them.

We are committed to continually improving the consistency and quality of our customer service based on what our customers tell us. Our Charter promises are now fully embedded into the way we do business generally, including our HR policies and processes.

As well as analysing general feedback and complaints, we also carry out periodic customer research using an independent specialist agency. The latest surveys were issued in November 2014 and will help us to objectively determine what you think of our performance to date and what other changes we could make in the future.

We will share the key findings in the near future, together with any resulting new plans to further improve delivery of our Charter promises. You can also share your own ideas and suggestions for future improvements with us via email at: customercharter@knightsquare.com.

Our Promises

  1. We will deliver excellent customer service

    Everything we do needs to be designed to help you be safe, secure and enjoy your home.

  2. We will be open and transparent

    We recognise you have the right to see how we run our business.

  3. We will demonstrate value for money

    We must take our responsibilities seriously whenever we spend your money.

  4. We will be easy to deal with

    Dealing with us should always be easy and straightforward.

  5. We will consult with you

    We’re here to serve people as well as their properties.